About Lafo folkmusikcenter

Lafo folkmusikcenter is a platform for education and continuing education, development and networking in the sphere of folk music for established, emerging and future cultural producers, including musicians, dancers and other practitioners within folk culture.

The Centre aims to promote, preserve and maintain the music, dance and traditions of folk culture. The network is mainly active in Swedish-speaking Finland, but is also engaged in cooperation both nationally and internationally. By preserving and maintaining the traditions so that the information is carried forward, we aim to strengthen the vernacular culture and the intangible cultural heritage we have in Swedish-speaking Finland.

Lafo folkmusikcenter started as a project financed by Svenska folkskolans vänner (SFV) and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

Want to know more about folk music in Swedish-speaking Finland, click the link below. (In Swedish)

Folk music in Swedish-speaking Finland