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Maria Kalaniemi 18-19.2.2023

Come and meet Maria Kalaniemi – master of the free-bass button accordion, one of Finland’s leading contemporary accordionists. Maria will share tunes and lilt’s from her own repertoire and also a glimpse of her colorful and multifaceted career as a musician. Apply before 15.2! 18.2.2023 9:30-12:00 (12:00-13:00 lunch) 13:00-16.30 (17.00 supper) 19:00-20:00 concert 19.2.2023 9:30-12:00…
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AER (SWE) Emma Ahlgren, Daniel Ek, Niklas Roswall 11.-12.11.2022

Fiddle, guitar, nyckelharpa AER – Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall (fiddle, guitar, nyckelharpa) offers a swinging and virtuosic interplay that invites both listening and dancing. The repertoire is based on tradtional Swedish tunes, including slängpolskas from Skåne, triplet-based polskas from Medelpad, as well as their own compositions. 11.11.2022 18.30-21:00 12.11.2022 9.30-12:00 (12:00-13:00 lunch) 13:00-16.30 (17.00 supper)…
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I Fäälan 10.-11.9.2022

Mats Granfors, fiddle, Kenneth Nordman, fiddle, Tom Forsman, guitar och lute. Come and learn how to play menuett – tunes together with the I Fäälan trio and/ or learn how to dance the menuett. 10.9 9.30-12, (12-13 lunch), 13-16.30 17.00 (supper), 19-20 concert 11.9 9.30-12, 12-13 (lunch), 13-14.

September 3-5.9.2021 – The diversity of finland-swedish folk music with Marianne Maans and Désirée Saarela-Portin

Note! Due to illness this course will be held by only one pedagogue but still according to plan. Teacher: Marianne Maans – Fiddle, vocals (away because og illness) Teacher: Désirée Saarela – vocals, guitar, mandolin Finland – swedish tunes and folksinging together with Marianne Maans och Désirée Saarela-Portin. Marianne Maans Désirée Saarela

October 1-3.10.2021 – Folk music and traditions from the Åland Islands with Siv Ekström

Siv Ekström was given the title Mestaripelimanni/ Mästerspelman title in 2016. Siv is a very experienced folk musician who has been teaching and inspiring many people in different ages to play folk music. During this weekend course we will dive in too the folks music traditions of the wonderful Åland Islands. 

November 5-7.11.2021 – Maria Kalaniemi, a master of free-bass button accordion, is one of Finland’s leading contemporary accordionists.

Lärare: Maria Kalaniemi Dragspel, sång Maria Kalaniemi hör till pionjärerna inom den finländska nutida folkmusiken.  Hon har under flera årtionde gjort en betydande karriär såväl i Finland som utomlands och förnyat uppfattningen om dragspelet och dragspelsmusiken. Den lyrisk känsliga och intensiva spelstil som Kalaniemi skapat har vunnit en trogen åhörarskara på olika håll av världen.…
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Februari 4-5.2.2022 – (virtual course) Both traditional and new fiddletunes, folk music and stories from South – Ostrobothnia together with I fäälan trio

Schedule Friday 4.2 : 18.30-20.30 Saturday 5.2 : 10.00-12.00 13.00-16.00 19.00-20.00 I Fäälan virtual concert open for everyone – Welcome   Course fee 40€ Apply   Teachers: I Fäälan, Mats Granfors, fiddle, Kenneth Nordman, fiol and nyckelharpa, Tom Forsman, guitar och lute.

March 19-20.3.2022 – How traditional tunes and songs can inspire you to create singer-songwriter music of to day with Désirée Saarela & Triskel.

  Teachers, the band: Désirée Saarela & Triskel Désirée Saarela: guitar and vocals, Kirsi Vinkki: fiddles, bowed lyre, harmonium, Samuli Karjalainen: guitars, sound – and effect landscapes, Roger Bäck: bass, Oskari Lehtonen: drums and percussion Désirée Saarela & Triskel’s (2011- ) music is strongly rooted in the singer-songwriter world, but also offers a new and…
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May 6-7.5.2022 – Finland-swedish tunes and folksinging, Marianne Maans

Teacher: Marianne Maans, fiddle and vocals.