9-10.3 Thomas von Wachenfeldt (SWE) and Janeta Österberg (FIN), traditional Tunes from east to west

9-10.3 Thomas von Wachenfeldt (SWE) and Janeta Österberg (FIN), traditional Tunes from east to west

Before the railways were built, cultural and trade exchanges primarily took place via waterways. Water united rather than separated people. This is particularly true regarding Sweden and Finland, where contact throughout history has mainly occurred via the sea. Naturally, people’s music followed, and there are many examples of melodies and stylistic expressions found on both sides of the Gulf of Bothnia. Janeta and Thomas will explore and present this in this course at Lafo folkmusikcenter.
They will be will be teaching tunes from the villages of Replot and Björkö in Finland and Nordanstig in Sweden.
Thomas von Wachenfeldt is a classically trained violinist, composer, national fiddler, and music researcher specializing in early classical music and Swedish traditional music. Wachenfeldt has toured as a teacher and musician in Europe and North America and works as an associate professor and lecturer in sound and music production at Dalarna University and in musicology at Uppsala University. He has contributed as an arranger, producer, and musician to over 40 albums and collaborated with artists from many different genres and some of the Sweden’s leading orchestras.


Janeta Österberg is currently studying folk music at the Sibelius academy. She is an experienced solo accordeon player but is also one half of the duo “The Låtmores”.

Saturday 9.3

9.30-12 Lessons

(12-13 lunch)

13-16.30 Lessons

19.00-23.30 Jamsession

Sunday 10.3

9.30-12 Lessons

12-13 (lunch)

13-14 Lessons

Course fee: 60€

Accomodation: 20€ (Including 1x breakfast)

We will be eating lunch and dinner at local restaurants or there is also the possibility to warm up microwave dinners in the student kitchen. If we have a higher number of course participants lunch will be served at the school for the price of 10€.

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This course is organized in collaboration with ICH North.