2-3.9 Master keyharp player Torbjörn Näsbom (SWE)

2-3.9 Master keyharp player Torbjörn Näsbom (SWE)

We are now offering an exciting course with the master player Torbjörn Näsbom, who is one of Sweden’s leading keyharp players (but also an exceptionally skilled violinist). This course is an excellent opportunity for all keyharp players to deepen their skills on their instrument, but of course, other instrumentalists are also very welcome to learn songs from Torbjörn’s repertoire. The language of instruction in the course is Swedish, but if needed, we will help with translations into Finnish or English. On Saturday evening, we will have the chance to listen to a concert by Torbjörn during the Christina Baroque Festival at a reduced entrance fee, 10€ (normal price is 25€). Course participants will also have the opportunity to take part in an open jam session in Kristinestad after the concert. 

Saturday 2.9 (Preliminary timetable)

9.30-12:00 (12-13 lunch).
13-15.00 (17.00 dinner).

19.00 Concert, Torbjörn Näsbom

20.30 Jamsession in Kristinestad 

Sunday 3.9 (Preliminary timetable)

9.30-12.00 (12-13 lunch), 13-15.30



Price of the course: 60 €

Food and accomodation: 40 €

Food without accomodation: 20€


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